Who We Are

BP Design is a full-service graphic design, advertising and marketing studio in Burlington Vermont. We take pride in our work. We love our clients. You'll feel the love. And you'll benefit from a wide array of capabilities we offer to create or enhance your presence in the marketplace. With style and sophistication, accuracy and clarity.

Our Approach
Drawing on time-tested technique and the kind of intuition that comes with experience, we carefully craft your marketing message based on your customer demographics and your unique position in the marketplace. We can either strengthen your brand or re-brand your product or service based on extensive research.

Why Use Us?
We offer high-quality solutions to your promotional challenges with the personal attention and accountability you get with a small studio. We work diligently, relentlessly redefining our creative approach until it's the best it can be.

Who are we?
We are a small studio with big agency experience. 30 years in the business gives us the experience, perspective, wisdom, people skills and work ethic to work effectively together with you to bring you success in the marketplace.

Why do we wear black?
Well, we like black. And when we are color-correcting your important work, we find it easier and less distracting if we are quietly shrouded in black. At least that's what we like to think.

Why the hell is our website not finished?
We have been very busy since the day we opened our doors in 1990. There was no internet to speak of. We have learned and improved our website design and implemetation skills over the years, but only for our valued clients, not for ourselves. So there. Soon, however, we will roll out our new site. Then, ve vill dahnce.