Your Project

Where do I start?
We meet to discuss your marketing needs. Come visit us at One Main Street, Suite 308. Sit down, have a cup of coffee. We'll talk in our lush sunlit conference area. No charge, no pressure, just good times with some organic coffee and a fluffy, personable and intelligent dog. Unless of course you don't like coffee or dogs, in which case both will be locked up in another room.

The Process
If we determine we might have a future working together, bp design will prepare an estimate based on the scope of work discussed. Upon approval of your estimate, we can work together to determine a timeline that meets your schedule.

Often the first item of business involves us getting a deposit. This usually amounts to 50% of the estimated cost of the proposed scope of work for new clients. With that taken care of, we proceed to strategy sessions and then rough sketches, pencils, thumbnails, whatever you'd like to call them. Since your project will be unique, the rest of the process will be unique to you also. So let's talk about it.